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Welcome to Heaven Scent®, creator of fresh-scented waste bags for disposal of Personal Care / Incontinence Products and Pet Waste. Each are available in boxes of 50, and the Personal Care / Incontinence Products bags are also available in a large, in boxes of 35. Our bags are opaque with a fresh baby powder scent, and easy-tie handles. Take them everywhere you go! You'll find lots of uses for them.

Heaven Scent, LLC is a woman-owned enterprise founded in 2003 by Sandra Logan.
Heaven Scent proudly produces 100% of its products in the USA.

For international shipments, please call 1 (877) 487-2368, or email Sandra@HVScent.com

Made in the USA

Albina Logan
Heaven Scent would like to thank Albina Logan, (1927-2015) for her dedication and determination in helping Heaven Scent get established. She was an inspiration to all of her eight children and she passed along a great work ethic. Thanks Mom. Our product is made better and priced better than Northshore discreet shield disposal bags.